In the GAL Now with better Mileage

Yesterday all of my paper work made it through GSAM and I got a badge and a Microsoft account. Now I can access corporate resources and get into buildings on my own. Since I work here now, access is a brilliant thing. I spent some time this morning adding myself to groups I used to be in when I was here last time; investment group, Exchange groups, ETC.  I was looking people up in the GAL so I could copy their group memberships to get back where I used to be.

While looking up others I took a peak at myself and it appears a few things have followed me on my account.  When I worked for 3sharp I had a Microsoft badge for a bit on a few projects. It looks like 3sharp followed me on this account because it seems to be showing up in my GAL display name. Even further back, I was able to use the same Badge picture I had when I worked here at Microsoft many moons ago. So – I’m being haunted by a company 2 jobs ago, and a picture 3 jobs ago. It’s funny how things come back to haunt you.



Looks like there are 7 of me at Microsoft right now. On a much more brilliant note because I have building access I was able to come to work when I wanted too. This morning I rolled into the office around 0600. At 0600 there is nearly zero traffic on the roads and the lights are all green the way I am coming. This had a great effect on my commute time and efficiency as follows:

  • Yesterday it took me 47 minutes to travel 9.5 miles to work and I averaged 15.2 miles to the gallon due to the stop and go nature of the commute
  • This morning it took me 14 minutes to travel 9.5 miles to work and I averaged 22.3 miles to the gallon because I was able to avoid stopping and starting.

Not having to start and stop and deal with traffic made Kevin for a much happier boy when he got to work. Mileage estimates are brought to you via the KIWI I have mounted on the Dash of my escape. More about the Kiwi next time.

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