The New Office – Microsoft

Michelle and Trenton came by Building 3 with me Sunday to see my tiny little space. While they were here they helped me carry my toy boxes up from the garage and dropped them off. After checking off my office I took them out back and showed them Lake bill. Then we drove over to the PO for dinner with the FAM.

I got into the office bright and early at 5:40 or so this morning and spent about 20 minutes cleaning up my area and unpacking a few of the toys from the boxes and putting them on my desk. Not going to be able to unload everything but I can unload some of them. I unloaded 2 boxes and I have one left that I’ll leave here in a corner until I get moved into something bigger. Below is my office setup as it is now.


The White board panel behind my second monitor has been removed since this picture was take so I can look through and talk to Tim better. Tomorrow I think I’ll bring in a 22” monitor to replace the 19” because it the 19” makes too much noise when it’s on. The noise will surely Drive my crazy and make me Sound like Les if I keep using it.

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