New Trailer – Ready for a Mission

Trenton is getting older and bigger and enjoys a bit more danger, we plan on spending a year ridding motorcycles, and Marty does not much experience ridding, so we’ve been spending more time ridding as a group lately. to help us along and make ridding simpler I bought a motorcycle trailer. I got a 3 rail ultra small very light weight trailer in horrible condition. Two weekends ago Trenton and I stood the trailer up on the garage in the fork lift and painted it with some Paint Over Rust (POR) paint. Took about an hour to prep / knock off all of the dirt and rust, then another hour to paint. Below are some before and after pictures

IMG_1504[1] IMG_1514[1]

The POR paint takes a bit to dry so we left the Trailer hanging in the garage over night and dad stood it up against a tress for the next few weeks. The POR paint only took a week to come off my feet and arms. I painted in socks because I did not want to get my shoes painted. well my socks soaked up the paint and then became glued to my feet. I had to cut my socks off with some of my skin. good times. I also dripped a bit on my arms. I had black spots for a good week on my arms.

last Sunday Trenton and I finished off putting the plate and fender on the trailer. Next Friday I think we’ll go over and get trailer, fill it up with Bikes and go for a Ride some where. Below is a shot of Trenton bolting one of the fenders on. You can still see some blue on this shot. After Trenton finished with the fender I finished painting those sections, then Trenton put the plant on.

IMG_1559 I am pleased with my trailer; 200$ on craigslist to buy it, 60$ to license it, and 30$ for the Plate. Not too bad.

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