More Pictures – January Edition

I cleaned up all of my pictures posted over the last month or so and put then in cleaner buckets last night . So Far this year I have buckets for Michelle’s Painting Extravaganza, Trenton and Installing a Stereo and playing poker, Trenton and I repainting a motorcycle Trailer, Trenton and I doing house work, Me leaving my last job with a bunch of pictures from the new job, and a dinner date we had with the Clems. Looks to me like we need to add some Adventures in there. It’s almost the end of the month and we don’t have any Adventure Pictures. I think Must fix that soon – Maybe a good hike or road trip this weekend.



Michelle and I have been hitting the gym fairly the last few weeks. I am settling into a normal schedule where I get off work before 3. Being only 9 miles from home and not leaving during core traffic hours I’m able to get home in time for Michelle and I to go out for a good hour and change walk down the Tolt gas line trail near our house before it gets dark. Michelle adds a gym workout in the morning  to her daily routine, and I hit the gym after our walk. A few nights we’ve shared a sauna otherwise I head in alone and read my book. Either way I’ve been in the sauna almost every night for the last few weeks. It feels good to get back to it after taking a month off for the holidays.

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