Hairs Cut y Ear Trim

In the keeping my hair short and not long theme I went in Friday and got my hair cut again. It was a brilliant Friday morning with an enormous full moon still visible in the sky lighting up my 6:50am walk to the salon. The end result of the hair cut was good looking hair, better eye brows, and still the spooky chin hairs I am growing out to Braid in the name of Kjell and his native land. You can see me looking hot below.

IMG_1585[2]If you look a bit closer at my hotness you will notice a band aid on my passenger side ear. The band aid is covering a bloody mess. I blame myself for being so hot and conversationally stimulating. Joe got distracted by me and took a chuck out of my ear with some scissors. Apparently ears are ripe with blood gushing stuff because there was blood over the place. I wanted to super glue the wound shut but we had no super glue.The salon did have nail glue, same active ingredient, so we attempted to glued the hole shut as best we could and put a band aid over the hole.

When I got home I took the band aid off and let it breath and bleed for a bit until the hole sealed up. below is what my ear looked like when I got home from work with no band aid on it


Pretty much a bloody mess; Michelle cringed as she looked at, then she looked up how to get the blood that had dripped onto my fur coat out of the coat. At this point I had no clue where my ear was really cut or what the hole looked like. I am guessing it is cut where the blood looks like it is about to drip sideways. After a weekend of healing and some washing you can see where and how big the hole in my ear is. Not nearly as bad as the bloody mess would have you believe.

IMG_1621 Too bad it gushes blood so much when the scab is off, other wise I would pick at the scab a bunch to give myself a great scar I could use to guilt Joe into more free hair cuts!!! Joe felt horrible, I could not stop laughing. Being me I can make anything Fun! – The things I do for a good story.

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