One of my Pocket Friends is Nearly Gone

I almost never leave home without a camera in my pocket; you never know when you might get a great picture, and I love taking pictures. Last year ( about 376 days ago ) I got a new camera (SD880IS) to replace my old camera (SD750). The new camera held out for well over 10,000 pictures, and has been a great memory capturing tool for me. I loved the big screen protected by plastic, the image stabilization, and the macro features of the SD880. It was a great point and click camera for me. It’s been very durable and made it through all kinds of falls and impacts. Notice the Scratches on the front, and the discolouration on the screen where the LCD is munged.

IMG_0930[2] IMG_0932[1]

Over the weekend while Michelle and I were out hiking Cougar mountain my camera started to grind as the lens poked out of it’s little hole. I tried to ignore it but the sound was getting louder. The sound telling me it was time to replace the camera before it totally failed on me, like so many cameras have before. I had a list ofIMG_1616[1] new features I wanted in a camera and I had yet to see a camera the fit my list. Fate is often on my side and the next day Michelle and I were at Costco shopping and we ran into my next camera. The Canon SD980IS, with the touch screen, small profile, connections, and wide angle I wanted, plus the Canon name I have come to love.

Cameras are a huge tool for me, and I was not about to jump and buy a new one on impulse so I took a picture of the camera and went home and researched it for a bit. After some thinking and reading I decided the SD980IS is the camera for me so I went to Amazon and ordered it. My new baby should be happy in my pocket tomorrow, and my old Camera can head home with Trenton this weekend. I am all excited to go home Wednesday and find my new camera waiting for my on my desk to open.!! I hope I get more then a year out of this camera.

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