Les, Loves me and Knows me

I am not the best typer | speller | writer ever. Honestly I am known for being a horrible writer and speller. I often leave out whole words or add in extras when I write things up. Occasionally my muse will strike, the stars will align, and the millions of small swimming things I sacrificed in the morning will have been welcomed by the gawds resulting in some brilliant and nearly perfect writing. The alignment of all of these things is very rare, it does happen and it has been Seen.

The great lover of Pudding Mr. Les, has seen this a few times, and very recently commented on it in the most loving way he can

Kevin is very bright, and when he slows down and gets tired, he can type quite coherently. I *think* the problem is that his brain goes at a completely different speed from his fingers, and his eyes go at a different speed again. Which generally means that much of what he types makes no sense at all, and even he can’t work out what he meant…

That’s my conclusion after what must be the best part of ten years

I think Les totally nailed it there. My brain and body are running at different speeds and it takes something special for them to line up right and work well. If the special is not there then it is all mess.

The below shots are a few shots of me and Les from London when CL and I went there in 2007.

IMG_2052[1] IMG_2068[1]


Les has known me for the better part of a decade now; it sure does not seem like like it’s been that long. Les is a part of my email group, TechSanctuary. My group is one of the few stable and supportive things in my life; they’ve helped me through all kinds of stuff. I can’t thank everyone in the group enough for being a part of my life. Over the years I traveled all over the place and met almost everyone in the group in person. I feel very blessed to have such amazing friends in my life.

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