Weekend of Firsts – I remember when

Last Weekend Trenton, Michelle, Marty, my fam, and myself spent the weekend at the lake ridding dirt bikes, hanging out around the fire, and eating too much. We had a brilliant time, made some great fire, and went on some nice technical narrow trails ridding; Great practice for Marty and Trenton. The weekend started out Friday when Michelle and I went and watched Trenton practice wrestling. After getting over the smack in the face of “musty sweaty boy funk” we were hit with as we entered the gym, we sat and watched. The coach was out there all alone in a mess of young boys. It was a bit hard for me to not want to go out there and help him, but I some how resisted and stayed the parent on the sideline.

After wrestling we went to my parents house for dinner, and to finish off some work on the motorcycle trailer we bought a while back. We had to put some Eye bolts onto the trailer to use to tie bikes down, and then we had to load up the bikes. After getting 3 bikes on the trailer I am thinking my 3 bike trailer is really only a 2 bike trailer. It hauled 3 bikes, but it was pretty tight; might need a bit bigger trailer. We’ll give it one more trip and see how we do. If Marty and I had 2 KLR’s with bags on them we would not have gotten a third bike on the trailer.

Below is Trenton putting some last touches on the trailer then a shot of it loaded

IMG_0006[1] IMG_0017[1]

Saturday morning we went to Uncle Dave’s for breakfast. Dave makes the most amazing sausage gravy ever, and it’s been a long while since I’ve had any. Trenton went all out and ordered as much as he could eat. He is in the middle of his weight class he can gain 5 or lose 5 and still make it, so he might as well feed the belly. Feeding the Belly has finally resulted in him being taller them me this weekend. The Child grows larger then his father….


After we finished with Dave’s we did some shopping, then  picked up Trenton’s Girl friend who was going to spend the day at the lake with us. Crazy to think I was not much older then Trenton when I met his mother and started taking her out to the lake for weekends. My child sure is growing up fast. Trenton and his gal did some hand holding around the fire, and went for a few “walks” around the area. I am glad Trenton and I are so open with each other, have so much trust, and have covered so deeply how to do things and be safe. In my world you should not say no to your child, you should help them make the right choice by educating them. Even if the right choice by the child is not your choice, oh well, you still prepare them for it. Below is a shot of Trenton and his Girl sitting around the fire, txting.  I bet they were txting each other -Kids today…


Saturday Trenton and I spent about an hour trying to start our KLR 250. Eventually we finally got it started by draining all of the gas from the carb; I guess the gas was bad. We did all of the work so Trenton could take his gal on the back then she decided to sit around the fire with Michelle instead. Oh well it was good working a bike bonding time, and Trenton gave the bike a spin just to ride it.

Mixed in with the eating (BBQ Burgers for dinner, Soup for Lunch, French toast for breakfast Sunday) We fit in a bunch of ridding. Trenton fell over a few times, and got nervous crossing a bridge, Marty fell over once in some mud, and I killed my bike in the middle of a large puddle. Other then that no one was hurt, and we all had a great time. I wonder how much longer Trenton will have until he needs bigger ridding gear.


Then top off the feeling old by my child bring a date to the lake with him. His teenage buddy with a license drove him home to my parents house Sunday. Dates, and ridding in cars with Friends. Wow. what a weekend. Below, Trenton and Nick sitting around the fire for Breakfast. Apparently Nick Graduates this year.


Not much longer before Trenton will be calling his own shots, and driving where he wants too. I like to think I’ve done the best I can to prepare him to make good choices when that time comes.  As always, a link for more pictures.

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