Child – Now with more Muscles and Spandex

Trenton is currently enrolled in Wrestling on the team at his Jr. High School. Wrestling is a sport I’ve always enjoyed and felt was great for a young lad to be involved it. The training is awesome for short term endurance, learning to use your body, and working out how to channel aggression. As an added bonus for Trenton he’s dropped a handful or two of pounds he needed to drop. The boy is starting to grow into a well built young man, and this is helping him along. One of my bigger regrets is we don’t have enough time together to use to work him out properly. This has been a long running issue. Trenton is starting to get the freedom to invest time and effort on his own, but the effects are nothing compared to what we could have done together.

Tuesday was Trenton’s first match. Michelle and I consider missing something like a first match not an option. Even with the high time and cost commitment we have to invest to watch Trenton. The value to Trenton is so great I would move mountains to be there. Tuesday I got out of bed an extra hour or so early to get to work before 5am so I could get off at 1:30 to be able to make Trenton match to start a bit after 3:00. Michelle left the house and met me at work so we could drive the 80+ miles together. We live in Woodinville, and Trenton lives in Port Orchard. In a strait line the two cities are not too far off, on the road it’s a good haul. Notice the fuchsia line on the below map.


Michelle and I always make the most of the drive and use the time to talk to each other, we do a lot of that, or listen to a good show on the radio. This trip Michelle was all about telling me how much she’s in love with a book I bought her, Steven King’s On Writing. Michelle will tell you she does not normally like books of this genre, but this book is highly entertaining to her. On Writing is speaking great things to her about what she needs to do to be a better writer, and it keeps cracking her up laughing.

Luckily we got to Trenton’s school before his match started, they started late, and we had some time to sit and chat with him for a bit. Trenton was very concerned about my phone that had recently been stolen from him and he needed to vent about it. I told him to not worry I was handling it and he would have it back soon. Then he went on about how annoyed he was the other team had no one in his weight class so he had to wrestle a team member. Somewhere in there he also expressed how happy he was he’d been allowed to wrestle today. I guess there some confusion and he was afraid the school would not have been paid allowing him to wrestle. Thankfully the money was sorted out and he got to wrestle, and he was very excited about it.

It was an enormous bonus to get to chat with Trenton. We stayed for both the JV and Varsity matches so we could sit spend more time with Trenton. We tried to take him out to dinner but he was not allowed to go with us. To bad it would have been nice to take him out, and he was apparently starving by all of the begging he did for food money… Below is a shot of Trenton seeing something shinny while talking to us, and another of him out on the match. It was hard to take good pictures in the gym lighting.

IMG_0066[1] IMG_0997[2]

The bottom line of the trip over is – Trenton won his match by pin in the second round. Way to go son, you make your papa proud, keep up the good work, keep up the good growing. After the match we took Trenton and a few of his friends home then went to my parents house to fix a wireless router for Darren. Don’t know what was wrong with it but resetting it fixed the issue. For the rest of the pictures click the link. We made it home around 9:00.

Total time invested away from home | 8 hours
Travel costs | ~ $30
Lost sleep | 2 hours
Total time Trenton was on the mat | 5 minutes – yes I have it on video to be posted later
Return on investment | priceless to see my boy do so well.

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