Terror From Above – MAPI

When we first got MAPI back in July I had a vision ofa ramp on the wall and a perch in the peak of the living room for the cat. It’s taken me months to work out how to attach it, to collect the lumber, find the carpet, find the hooks, and buy the tools I needed to build it. I was no rush, and I can be a bit lazy at times. Friday night after getting home I had some motivation and I did not feel like sitting in front of the TV or my laptop for the rest of the night so I finally built it. Took me a few hours, but it’s up now. Took a few days of sticking MAPI on the ledge before he finally worked out liking it and using it.  The ramp is too narrow for him to turn around,  and he was to freaked out to get on the platform at the end the first few times he was up there, so he ended backed down a few times. We found the backing to be most hilarious.

Eventually he worked out how to turn around and let me take a few pictures like the one below.


I think the perch is too small. He cannot fully lay down on it. Poor spoiled MAPI has to sit up because he does not have enough room to stretch out like a Bengal should be able too stretch in his thrown. Later this week I am going to take the perch down and add another 3 inches or so to the front to give him a larger area to lounge about on. Cats love being up as high as they can get. MAPI cannot get much higher in the living room then he is on his new perch. below is a shot of him looking down at his human servants plotting how best to rain terror down upon us.


For the rest of the pictures of me putting this thing up, click the linky link

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