Trenton’s Room Redo

Trenton redid his bedroom this weekend. As the boy is getting older he is spending more and more time in his room, doing stuff. Who can really blame him, he has everything a boy could every want his room. Reading area, 100” screen with a projector, stereo mixing board, a backers dozen or more speakers, laptop, Xbox, sword collection for defense, and now a couch.  This weekend he reorged and added the couch to make it more comfy for him and his friends. He can have comfortably have 4 or 5 people in there to play games and watch movies. The downside with that many boys and electronics in there is that it can get hot and stinky. I am constantly telling the boy to open his window or leave the door open to vent the air. Opening the door in the morning can hit you pretty hard after he’s pulled an all nighter in there with a few other boys. Below are the before and after shots of his room




After — For the rest of the pictures, Click the link

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