Vday At the Triple Door

On Saturday of Valentines day weekend Baby took me out china town for a walk about, and then to the triple door for a bit of a burlesque show. As we were headed back to the car from our Asian market shopping experience we heard a gaggle of fire works from around the corner, loving adventure, we had to go check them out. Turned out the fireworks were from a kung foo troupe dancing around like dragons banging on some drums. You can almost make out the pink dragon in the picture below.

IMG_0084[1] IMG_0089[1]

The show at the triple door was so so. It was more band then it was girls dancing around. I think we’ll go to another show next time. The venue is great. The triple door is well setup for dinner and a show with alots of bar style seating facing the stage. the food was over the top amazing!! we some oral ecstasy inducing Thai food from Thai ginger. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it.

Sunday, the actual valentines day, we went to a motorcycle shop in Renton and went gear shopping with Marty. Marty got all new gear, I got new dirt gear, and Michelle got a new ridding jacket. Pretty much everything we bought was half off, so we went a bit nuts getting stuff. Yellow is Michelle’s colour so she got a new scorpion hat trick jacket in yellow. She looks like a hot biker chick.

 IMG_0097[1] IMG_0098[1]

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