I had a customer call in a few months ago with an issue I did not believe – They claimed to have moved the Junk Email folder into the Deleted Items folder. I asked for a screen shot, and was provided with one. imageTo my shock the customer was telling me the truth. No clue how it happened, but it did happen. After running Outlook /resetfolders folders,  I went back and forth with the server owners working on a fix, but I kept getting kick back. So I moved on to a client option to fix.

I asked the customer to install MFCMAPI and open the mailbox in RAW mode and manually move the folder. Moving a folder in MFCMAPI is not something that jumps out at you and says “ Click here this is how you do it” Took me about an hour of research and trial and error to work out how to move a folder. I figure someone else might run into this so I better write it down. Below are the instructions I sent to the customer to follow to perform the task. 

  1. Open MFCMAPI | select session  |  select logon and display store tree
  2. Double Click your Mailbox you want to work with – This should open a new Windows
  3. Browse to the IPM_SUBTREE and find the Thing you want to move
  4. Right click the folder you wish to move and select copy
  5. Right the parent folder you want to move the folder to and select paste
  6. Select OK on the Paste Folder dialog box
  7.  clip_image001
  8. Select FOLDER_MOVE in the next Paste Folder dialog box
  9.  clip_image003
  10.   Click ok, and the folder should be back where it belongs.
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