Resume Vision – Part I

I interviewed for a new position at Microsoft yesterday (On boarding Manager Level 61). My current position (Deployment Engineer) is a V dash position. A V dash position is a vender / contract position at Microsoft. Meaning I work for another company who bills Microsoft for my time. I am on campus and working at Microsoft but I am not directly employed by Microsoft.  The new position I interviewed for will be a Blue badge full time employee position. V dash employees have Orange badges and a v- in front of their login name / email address. Full time employees have no v- and they get a blue badges.  Its a bit of a status thing on campus.

My interview was about 5 hours long (shorter then my last one at 10 hours). I went from person to person interviewing in 30-55 minute blocks, up the chain of command until I met with the Group manager who told me “ we’ll let you know next week “ As I was interviewing with different people I found myself verbally giving a timeline of my occupations and skill growth based on each position.  After I was all done interviewing I’d worked out a vision for a new resume section I would like to add to my resume to help with the timeline and help me stand out more. I’d like to add a one page time line of skill ratings vs. events and positions section to my resume.  I drew the below picture of the basics of my vision.


Next step will be working how to enter all of this information into Excel so I can have Excel build the pretty graphs for me. I think Excel would be better then a hand drawn version, and it will be much simpler to update.

Having been a hiring manager in past lives I know seeing something like this would really make a candidate stand out to me, and it would help me more quickly evaluate their resume, their skills, and get a clear picture of how the applicant has grown in the industry. Check back in a week or so and I will share the work book I create for this vision. I’ll post a few examples of what I come up with for my resume.

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