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Saturday was a project day. We had a party at the house on Saturday night, the weather was gorgeous out, and I needed some distraction from life and sitting in the living room mopping around; this equated to all kinds of motivation. First project we completed on Saturday was a Costco and Home depot run with Marty. We purchased some supplies for projects and for the party. After we returned from our shopping expedition we unloaded then I got back in the escape and drove into the second job where I finished off a projector mount job in the new conference room. – turned out pretty good.

IMG_0372[1]When I got home from the second job I dug into the garage and retrieved all of the deck boards someone, me, put behind the heavy shelves filled with heavy stuff. Only took me about 30 minutes to retrieve the boards. With boards laid out in the drive way I started measuring and cutting and screwing, with the help of Marty, and eventually we’d built a wooden walk way out to the hot tub. It will be much better then walking out there in flip flops to avoid getting feet all dirty in the grass and mud. It’s nothing special but it gets the job done, and I hardly had to buy any materials. While Marty and I were out working on the path we let MAPI out to explore the outside a bit. He blends in pretty well with the ground cover, and he seemed to REALLY love being out side in the big world.

IMG_0377[1] IMG_0382[1]

Somewhere in there I also helped Marty attach some supports to his Jeep bumper, Michelle cleaned the entire house, she mowed the lawn, and got out a bunch of chairs for the burn pit, and Marty and Michael went out and cut up a bunch of wood so we could have a fire at the party later on .

IMG_0378[1] IMG_0374[1] IMG_0385[2] IMG_0387[1]

After all of the projects we took a break for a bit, then a bunch of people showed up and we had a bit of a party.. All in all it was a great Saturday and we got a heap big pile of work accomplished. Check the link for the rest of the pictures

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