Nights and Sleep – Going Everyman

Back when I worked for JLS and I was commuting for 5 or so hours a day, trying to work 12 or more hours a day and trying to spend as much time with Trenton as I could I went to a polyphasic sleep schedule for a few months. I would take naps at regular intervals throughout the day and I would never sleep for more then about 30 minutes at at time. Start of May I am going to go back to doing this again. I opened my big tactless mouth at work and volunteered to work night shifts for a quarter. I don’t want to give up my day life so I am going to make the most of it and buy some hours by modifying my sleep.

Last time I did this I went all hardcore and worked to get as Uberman[1] many hours out of the day as I could. To gain the hours I went with the full on ubberman polyphasic sleep cycle. The strictness of the ubberman system was too much for me and I eventually had to quit. I simply could not commit to the naps on time every day. The sleep system has very little room to miss naps, or to modify their time. When the alarm goes off that says sleep, you sleep.. It was very hard to fit a nap in every 4 hours when I worked a crisis management job style IT job. I normally had to lock my office door, crawl under my desk to hide, and focus to get my naps in at work. And even then I had issues.

On the way to and from work the naps worked out great because I was on the ferry for 35-40 minutes. I got the point where I would pass out as soon as I laid down on the ferry bench, and get up right before land fall. 

Everyman[1] This time out I am going to go for the everyman sleep cycle because it offers more flexibility in the nap allowances. Most people report they can move naps around up to an hour and still not suffer any issues. Another benefit to the everyman cycle is the large block of night in the middle of day. One it makes for a real break between days that you can feel, and two it gives me some good snuggle time in bed with my baby. Snuggle time is one of the better times of the day, right? The break in the day is a big part of feeling more normal. When I was on the ubberman schedule I lost track of days. I would just keep going and never stop and only know what day a was when Outlook told me it was a new day.

When I did the ubberman I LOVED the results; I had so much time for activates and I felt like everyone around was moving slower then I was. I felt a bit super human. I could get done in a day what most people did in 3, and I still had time to read and go out, and do everything I wanted to do; in 4 hour blocks (stupid naps) – I am kind of excited to do it again and buy back 3 or 4 hours of wakefulness during the day. Maybe I can finally catch up on reading, and work on the orchard we are going to build. – I hope everyone else in the house can tolerate me for a few weeks while I adjust..

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