Mason Lake – Not where I have a cabin

Saturday being a brilliant summer day lacking in rain and full of Sun, Michelle and I went for a hike. We’ve been wanting to hike up to Mason lake below Bandara and camp for a weekend for a while now, so that was our choice of destinations. My back was hurting me so over nighting it was out of the Question, but a day hike was doable. For some stupid reason Michelle and I did not plan on snow at all. Call it a big brain fart, but we did not figure there would be snow 4,000 feet in the air?

We made it about 3 miles up the mountain before the snow was knee deep and the mountain was at about a 60 degree angle. We decided to turn around and come down before we slipped with nothing to self assist with. When we hike a steep mountain Michelle is normally out of breath on the way up. Being out of breath She can hardly talk. This makes for a nice quite assent. (Love you baby) On the way down it’s a whole different story. Michelle gets to talking and we start making plans about our future.

IMG_0577[1] IMG_0579[1]

Behind our head in the first picture you can just make out a pointy peak. I took a much better shot of it earlier in the hike. I want to work out the name of that peak and climb it some time this summer. Looks like a good challenge.


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