Rattlesnake Ridge in the Rain

I got an Email from the AZ crew last week wanting to go on a hike over the weekend. Knowing a few of the crew are in less then Ideal shape for a killer hike I suggested we do Rattle Snake Ridge. We were set to meet in an Albertsons parking lot at 9am. By 9:20 everyone who was going show up had shown up and we drove out the Mountain. Myself, Michelle, Marty, John and Josh were the hikers.

It was nice and sunny at home when we left. The mountain was not sunny at all when we got there. By the time we reached the trail head it was flat out raining on us. Michelle might need some better wet weather stuff, and we both need some good ponchos. The tree covering offered a little protection, but not much. We all ended up pretty wet by the time we were done with the hike. Marty looks like he wet himself in of the pictures. We made it to the top in great time ( I bit under an hour I think). We stood out in the open on the rock face for less then minute before turning around, back down the mountain. We were being hit by sideways large rain drops to hail out in the open – thats why we turned around so fast.

Side by side, Michelle at the top on this hike, vs. Michelle on top in the sun last year

IMG_0668[1] IMG_8833[1]

When we got done Michelle and I changed. We had dry cloths stashed in the car. Everyone else got in the car and we drove to get some Pho food in Issaquah to warm up. Keeping cloths to change into after a nice hike is such a brilliant thing. I am glad we’ve gotten into the habit of doing that. Getting out of the wet and sweaty cloths for the drive home is divine.

For the rest of the pictures checkout the following two links

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