We’re on a Boat

I was trying to sell one of my bikes this month and I received an offer to trade it for a boat. Took me a day or two to talk myself into it, but in the end, the boat sounded like fun to me. Took a week to work out all of the details, and get the boat. Michelle and I now have a nice tiny little 15’ Bayliner Jazz 2Stroke Jet boat. Ran ok on the test run, started awesome in the drive way, first time out after bring it home I could not get it to run on the lake.

I rebuilt the carburetors last night and Michelle and I took it out on lake Washington for a little spin. I think we are going to have some fun adventures on this thing over the summer. Below is a shot of the boat in the drive way. It’s kind of cute..


Below is a shot of of the two of us out on the lake last night. It was a bit cloudy, but fun


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