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I was in Silverdale Thursday of last week for my last parenting evaluation session. After I finished off the session I drove across the street to a water front park right there in old town Silverdale and sat for a bit. While I was sitting there a group of kids brought out a bunch of small sailboats on trailers with Pink wheels. – the wheels caught my attention first.

Since all of the boats matched and the wheels were the same colours I figured these had to be used for a class or something. I sat in the car for a bit and watched them setup the sails and rig the boats, then I felt compelled to walk over and say hi and BS for a bit. The second I got out of the car I realized I had left my keys in the ignition, and I’d locked the door.

I don’t think I have ever done this before. I know I’ve helped out a lot of people get their keys out of the car, but I have never locked my own keys in my car. I made a twitter post about it and Erica and Paul were picking on me in comments. Paul nailed me enough to crack me up laughing and compel me to make this blog post. Apparently Paul thinks – It’s not often you can say “we’ve all been there” about things that I do.. I am not sure if that’s a compliment or not. – I am going to take it as a compliment

After the transmission issues we had in Michelle’s car last year, I have a current AAA membership. I gave them a call and about 45 minutes later a nice gentleman showed up who had the car unlocked in about 40 seconds. I still feel like an idiot locking my keys in the car; oh well, I was able to watching some kids learning to sail so it was not all bad. Below are a few shots of the small sailboats.

IMG_0872 IMG_0874


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