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Jessica Watson Made it all the way around the globe, approximately 23,000 miles, unassisted in a sailboat, in less then a year on a 34’ super pink sailboat. The sailing records authorities have chosen to not acknowledge her accomplishment because she was 16 when she started the trip and they don’t want to encourage any other children to make the trip. They want to further discourage parents from allowing their kids to even think they can make such a trip – bastards…

16yearold_girl_crosses_640_01[1]  16yearold_girl_crosses_640_13[1]

Someone took the time to compile a bunch of pictures of Jessica

If my kid had the opportunity, the drive, the skills, and the mindset to make a similar trip I would do everything in my power to help make it happen. Personally I would be to jealous to let them do it on their own. I think I would need to come with, but if the solo was the desire I could get behind it. Maybe I would follow along in my own boat = ] or reserve myself to meet up at ports of call. 

laura-dekker[1]Next up for the title we have 13 year old Dutch girl Laura Dekker, who wants to take on Jessica. Before Laura can go she had to fight a few Dutch judges. It took her a year get past the legal crap. In the end she is going to head out this year and start her trip. She expects to be done in 2012. She is going to take a bit longer to make her trip. She plans to moor her boat during hurricane seasons and head home to work on some school work. She is not out to set a speed record and get it done in a year like Jessica.tanya_aebi_with_children[1]

My favorite young female Circumnavigator is Tania Aebi. Who made it around the globe by herself starting when she was 18 years old. Her dad said “ I will send you to college, I don’t think you are ready, or I will buy you a boat and you have to sail it around the world by yourself” Tania chose the boat and wrote a brilliant book about her adventure that I had the please of reading this year, called Maiden Voyage. Tania did her trip in the in the late 80’s starting out with very little sailing experience. The voyage and the book have shaped her life since then. She makes her living teaching sailing and talking about what she accomplished and helping others realize some of their dreams. Today she has boys old enough to make the trip on their own. Her boys wanted to make a similar trip, but take the parents with them.  Tania and her X husband split the trip up. She got half, and he got the other half. Some where in the middle they share the boat; wonder how that went?

When Trenton turns 18, in 2014, I am pushing / planting the seeds for him to come along with us on a year long Motorcycle trip around Centro and South America. Big trips like this can have a major impact on your life. They help you work out who you are, and better define who you are going to be. I really hope Trenton comes along with us, and that the trip turns out to be a life shaping event for him. I’ve always tried to instill a sense of adventure and wanderlust in the boy. Seeing some 20+ countries on a motorcycle over the course of a year will either ignite even more wanderlust, or put out the flame. My hope is that it ignites it and helps him live a spectacular life.

After we settle down for a bit in South America I hope our next big trip is a sailing trip. Maybe 6 months in Caribbean, then off to the Mediterranean for another 6 months. It would be Brilliant if Trenton could come along with on that trip too. he can sleep in the dingy = ]

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