Marty’s New Toy- KLR 650

IMG_0893 On the list of things we’ll need for the 2014 plan to ride around Centro and South America is motorcycles. It is hard to ride on a motorcycle for a year without a motorcycle right? Currently we don’t have any Motorcycles in the house. I sold two of mine and traded the third for a boat over the last few months. I was planning on consolidating into one bike, but life took over and sucked up most of the proceeds; Funny how that works.  Marty on the other hand had some funds and he’s been looking for a while for a new bike. After buying himself an awesome hat on Saturday he bought himself a new bike on Sunday.

Marty got a brilliant deal on a very low mileage (4,000) KLR 650. The downside is that we had to drive 4 hours east into Spokane to get it. We were planning on doing it next weekend, but the deal was so good we figured we better jump on the deal and get the bike before someone else snatched it up. Good thing we did. When we got there the guy said he had a few more calls and someone from Montana wanted to drive out and get it that day; 500 miles from Montana to Spokane. Woodinville to Spokane was only about 300 miles or so.

It took us 10 hours round trip to drive over, purchase the bike, and drive back home. Well worth it for the great bike Marty came home with. The drive was not very exciting, we saw a few wrecks, some odd trees, a company that sells tarps made in a tarp building, a bunch of new wind mills around vantage, and I got to watch some totally drunk women return all of her groceries so she could afford beer at a Safeway; good times.

Below are a few shots of Marty and I with the bike in front of the previous owners house.



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