Oregon Coast Weekend

I totally missed posting this one. It’s been a bit of a stressful month. We had so much going on last month we hardly slept at home, and or had time to go to the gym. I think I managed to gain 6 pounds in a month from bad habits and stress eating. Somewhere in May we took some time out and went on a road trip. Michelle planned it all out and we had a brilliant time, despite the crappy weather.IMG_0813[1]

Friday night we took off from work early and drove to Oregon. We meet up with my cousin April for dinner  then found out hotel for some sleep and relaxing time. Maybe turned the laptop on for 10 minutes in the hotel room. Other then that it was baby snuggle time. Well we did have some dress up time too.

It was pretty windy and rainy along the coast, so we did not do a whole heap of stopping and playing on the beach. We did manage to stop at a goodwill and buy some books some where along the coast, and we stopped for a massive lunch at Izzys near Newport. Michelle was super cute with her lunch. She started off with salad for the baby, then went into Junk food later. As she put it “the baby gets all of the resources first, so if I eat salad first then the baby gets the salad, right?”

IMG_0856[1] IMG_0830[1]

Due to bad weather and my being cheap we were going to drive back to Portland and stay the night near Lloyd center but the hotel I can get into for free was booked. It was not too late, and we love a road trip so we decided to drove home. Little did we know how much that would suck. We sat in a 2.5 hour backup near south Tacoma due to some road construction. They funneled 4 lanes of traffic into the shoulder for a few miles. I think it was about a 10 mile backup by the time we hit it at 10pm. This was not a happy time. Luckily we had piles of Love Line to listen too to keep us awake and entertained.

Check the link for the rest of the pictures

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