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Miguel and I spent Sunday at the project house getting some stuff done. We went on a few supply runs; we got everything we needed to rewire and plumb the property. We did some yard work and planning, cleaned up a few more things, and we rewired the entire house minus the panel work. I need to go back down this week to hook everything up in the panel. It’s been a year or two since I did a big cable pull job. My knees hurt today from kneeling on the ceiling trusses running wire.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I enjoy jobs where you can immediately see the results of the hard work. You can see new outlets, new heaters, new switches, wire all laid on nice lines, new stuff feed into the panel. The results of the work are all there to be seen, and used. The worst part of the work for me was working in a sauna. Attic space can get really hot when it is not insulated. I could only spent 10 minutes up there at a time before I would start to over heat. Then I would need to come back down, wipe the sweat off, and drink half a water bottle.

Michael cut down piles of branches from the trees out in front of the place. It really opened it up. You can actually see the house from the street now. This place is coming along. Most of the heavy lifting on our part is nearly done. It’s going to be time to start looking for the next project here soon. Next time I hope we get a place that needs a bit less work, this house really is a project.

While I was out working the roommates did yard work. Michelle mowed the lawn, Marty did some weed eating, Kevin did some weeding. I came home to brilliant looking yard. It was pretty awesome!!

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