Date Night In Everett

The last few months have been even busier and more hectic then our normal months. Michelle comes with me on some of my adventures, we share a house, we sleep together every night we in the same house and I’ve  still been feeling like we hardly see each other. Between working three jobs, trying to work out, sleep, commitments in Port Orchard, building a baby, visiting our families, and all of the driving to do these things there is not much left over time in our lives. I mean it took me almost 2 weeks to post this post, and my backlog keeps building. A few weeks ago I told Michelle I wanted to spend a night with only her and go out on a date. The catch was she had to plan it. I think Michelle enjoys the planning almost as much as she enjoys the adventure, so this was not a huge burden on her.

Michelle planed an awesome evening for us. I reworked my commitments to allow me to skip the second and third jobs, and we took off from the house around 1:45 or so on a Thursday. First stop on our date night adventure was a beach in Everett. I have no clue what it was called, but Michelle picked a perfect beach walk. We had to walk a mile through the woods along a creek to get to the beach. We both love a good walk, so it made going to the beach even better.  At the trail head there was some sign about water in the tunnel or something? I only glanced at it, but I remember thinking it was odd. When we got to the bottom of the trail it all made sense.



At the bottom of the trail before we could get to the beach we had to cross a train track. There were fences and signs indicating a 1,000 dollar fine for crossing the track. To help discourage the track IMG_0985[1]crossing there was a nice tunnel under the track. The tunnel doubled as a path for the creek we’d been walking around on the way down, and as a way to get to the other side of the train track. Now it made sense why the signs said the tunnel might be full of water. The Tunnel builders put a nice narrow path to the side of the water for people to walk on, but it was only good if the water level was low enough. For our date the water level was very close. At the end of the tunnel we had to walk across a few logs to keep our feet dry.

Once we made it through the tunnel we had a nice walk and talk on the beach while we chased crabs. We watch deadliest catch, so we know everything about crabs now; right? On the walk back to the tunnel I felt compelled to dam up the river with rocks and logs. Some where in the process I started to take my cloths off. It’s something I do. The damming of water, not the taking my cloths off in public. I see water and I need to dam it up. I’ve been doing it since I was able to hold a shovel.

IMG_0991[1]After the walk on the beach Michelle picked a Pho restaurant in the area called 5 star Pho. They had some brilliant broth, filled the bowl with plenty of meat, and they ended the meal with cream puffs; amazing dinner. 5 star Pho was an excellent choice by my baby. After dinner Michelle had the address’s for a Goodwill or two near by for us to shop at. We picked one and went for some books. We spent 30$ and walked away with another pile of fun books for us and kids books for the parasite.

My baby did a spectacular job planning us a wonderful evening. Between food, books, and gas it only cost about 50$ for the night. Not too bad for a pile of books, a full tummy, exploring somewhere new, and a heap of time of my baby. Thanks Baby for the great date night. – For the rest of the pictures see the Link

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