Blake Island Weekend


We spent a good part of Saturday last weekend walking around Blake Island, we being; Michelle, Trenton and myself. The weather was nearly perfect for a walk on the beach. It was not too sunny, not too cold, not too windy; it was just right. Growing up on fresh water I am not used to dealing with tides. We tried to do Blake a few weekends ago but the tide was a negative three footer when we went launch. With a tide that low the boat launch is not in the water so we were not able to get the boat in. We spent that weekend on dirt bikes instead.



This last weekend I was smarter to the water level issues and checked the tide charts before heading down to launch. I had to launch a few hours before getting Trenton, tie the boat up to a dock and leave it there to make the tides. Trenton showed up around 9 and we promptly loaded into the Escape, stopped at subway to get lunch, then went to the dock to board the boat. The boat started right up, Michelle was surprised. It was still warm when we got there because I had taken a quick spin around Blake island before tying the boat to the dock.IMG_1039[1] The boat does 50 it is primed for the Quick spin!

We drove strait for the sandy point on the northern tip of the island where we beached the boat. After beaching to the boat we tied it up to the some well anchored drift wood so it would not drift away. While I was tying up the boat Trenton wrote me a happy birthday message in the sand. “Happy Birthday dad, heart u, P.S. you like Men” That’s my boy; always letting me know he loves me = ]. For some reason Trenton was not up for me digging a hole and burring him in the sand like we’ve done so many times in the past when we are around sand.  Last time I was on this sandy point I think I was about a year younger then Trenton is now. Dad brought us over in the old red bay liner board we had to dig things out of the sand. I remember another time being over here with a small aluminum boat that I tried to launch into the waves and flipped over. Had to drag the motor back in the sand and push the boat to the other side of the point. Lucky we did not have any waves to deal with today the water was like glass.

After we set the boat we walked to the south anti-clockwise about half way around the island. We did not want to go all the way around because we wanted to come back and check on the boat to see how the tides were treating it. Trenton and I beat on each other with sticks, climbed on logs, Trenton chased some raccoons, we tossed some rocks, poked live things living on the beach, talked and had a brilliant walk around the beach. We managed to not injure Michelle at all with all of our rough housing. It’s she senses danger when we get going and she backs far away. It must be a defensive baby power or something.


When we got back to the boat it was completely out of the water so we had plenty of time to do more exploring. After checking on the boat and getting some food we went the other way around the island headed towards the Indian village and old house ruins. We explored the village / camp ground area and bought ice cream cones before we took one of the inner island trails back to the boat. The boat was still out of the water when we got back so Trenton and I pushed it back into the water before we loaded up and took a spin around the sound. I let Trenton drive this time. We drove down to the ferry dock and cruised the water front for a bit. After looking for it for a bit, I managed to snap a shot of the house my dad grew up in.


We had a great time on our island adventure. Next week we’re headed out to the cabin to blow stuff up on the third. Check out the rest of the pictures at the link. Learn more about the history of the Island at this link.

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