Blocking the IPhone Part I

My employer has decided to block all IOS4 Iphone devices and not allow them to touch our Exchange servers. This is due to some issues that IOS4 is causing performance wise. We are requiring customers to upgrade to IOS4.0.1. IOS4.0.1 contains updates for several issues, including a configuration patch needed for IoS4 devices to successfully use Exchange ActiveSync line. Apple confirmed the problem and remediation offered by IOS 4.0.1 in the Apple KB TS3398. I sent the below message to my co-workers to help them generate a list of devices to provide to their customers.  I think the table is the most valuable bit of information, and it’s the reason I am posting this post.

Basic email I sent out

You can use the following information to provide your customers a list of potential IOS4 devices. Note that the DeviceUserAgent setting is ONLY set when the device partnership is first created. So devices that show as IOS3 from this command could be IOS4 now; look at the age of the partnership. We’ll need to communicate this note with our customers

Replace guapo in the command below with the OU of your customer, and run this command..


Get-CASMailbox -OrganizationalUnit "guapo" -Filter {hasactivesyncdevicepartnership -eq $true -and -not displayname -like "CAS_{*"} | Get-Mailbox | foreach { Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $_} |export-csv bob.csv



Reference table for DeviceUserAgent translation.

IOS Ver Phone HW DeviceUserAgent
3 iPhone Apple-iPhone/701.341
3.1 iPhone Apple-iPhone/703.144
3.2 iPad Apple-iPad/702.367
4 iPod Apple-iPod2C1/801.293
4 iPod Apple-iPod3C1/801.293
4 iPhone 3G Apple-iPhone1C2/801.293
4 iPhone  3GS Apple-iPhone2C1/801.293
4 iPhone  4 Apple-iPhone3C1/801.293
4.1 iPhone Apple-iPhone/508.11
3.0.1 iPhone Apple-iPhone/701.400
3.1.2 iPhone Apple-iPhone/704.11
3.1.3 iPhone Apple-iPhone/705.18
4.0.1 iPod Apple-iPod2C1/801.306
4.0.1 iPod Apple-iPod3C1/801.306
4.0.1 iPhone 3G Apple-iPhone1C2/801.306
4.0.1 iPhone  3GS Apple-iPhone2C1/801.306
4.0.1 iPhone 4 Apple-iPhone3C1/801.306


I will work on a part II an Exchange admin can use to block the Iphone based on the Device String on the CAS server. In the mean time you could check this link

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