Slope of Disillusionment

My new favorite PowerPoint slide – The slope of Disillusionment.


Followed by a brief outline of some of the major events for the next 12 days of my life – I don’t sit still much, and by the looks of it I am going to spend a lot of time driving over the next few weeks.

Tonight – Work till 4, then take Michelle out shopping – Come home and build servers

Tomorrow – Head to the PO for a party – Finish  “Go live Zebra” server work in the PO

Saturday – Come home to my baby, and move Kevin out

Sunday – Head back to the PO for Clint’s wedding.

Monday – Counseling with Bruce and Trenton

Tuesday – Court maybe – Hope we can avoid it, need to call – Sailing BBQ thing in Ballard

Wednesday – Zebra launch catch up

Friday – Cruise on Lake Washington for Seafair

Saturday – Get Trenton again – Plan a fun weekend

Sunday – Back to the PO to take Trenton home

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