New gig–On the Water Front


Monday I started a new gig as the Senior Exchange dood at Clearwire. I am in their Kirkland office for now, until the IT operations group moves to a new office in Factoria. The office in Kirkland is right on the water so I have a great view for the next few weeks before we move. The downside about being in Kirkland is that the office is packed so I am sitting with a laptop on the corner of someone’s desk – Check the two pictures above to get an idea

Things I miss already – no more free soda, no more picking a café to walk to for lunch, my team at Microsoft was awesome, and working at Microsoft in general

Things I like so far – I have enterprise admin rights again, I got fully setup my first day, I’ve already had an impact here and been able to do work, I get to work from home one day a week, my team here seems to be brilliant, I get free internet service, my cell phone is paid for he free legal service seems to be better.

Yesterday I worked on an Outlook Free/busy issue we solved by removing an Exchange server. It is great to have rights and power to fix things!! Speaking of Exchange servers and power. Check out the mighty power of my fully operational Mailbox battle servers. 16 cores, and 98GB or ram.


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