Lunch Issues

One of the more hugnormous things I enjoyed about Microsoft was being able to walk a few minutes and end up in a café with a wide variety of food options. At Clearwire we don’t have 30 or more café’s where we can get food. We have to bring our own, or go out. I am not a huge fan of the going out because of the cost and such, but I am a fan of eating and getting away from the desk for a bit. Michelle being totally awesome bought me a lunch box when I whined about having to bring my lunch to work. not some normal lunch box, she got me a Superman lunch box with a matching thermos.

Last night Michelle packed my lunch for me, and left it in the fridge for me to find this morning. I like to peek in my lunch and get an idea of what is in store for me when my tummy starts to rumble. When I opened up my lunch box this moring I noticed a cute little note in there from my baby.. I think she likes me or something..


And I cannot forget to mention.. My Superman lunch box came with a cape!!  Next week, now that we should be done going to the PO during the week on a regular basis, I am going to back into eating well, no more stress eating. I wonder what kind of fun things will start showing up in my lunch then.


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