New gig–Over Looking the Golden Arches

The view of lake Washington was fun for a few weeks. Clearwire hired like 2000 plus people last year and they might end up doing the same thing this year. As a result of the massive hiring spree office space is in constant flux. Yesterday all of IT and some other groups moved to Factoria from the water front. On the plus side I now have my own cube to put up pictures and my little ponies in. On the down side I no longer have a great view of the lake. Now I get to look out the window at a huge AC unit in the foreground and a McDonald’s sign in the background. – Below you can see the view from where I sit, and the a zoomed in cropped version of the McDonalds sign


The new office is pretty much a massive cube farm with a descent common area. There are only a very small handful of offices. Matt and I tried to modify the cube walls yesterday and someone homed in on our noise and told us to put it all back together. We think he was from the building or something. We’ll wait a few more days then we’ll start taking things apart!! – below are the common area with food all over the and my little space.


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