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I have a user complaining of a “slow mailbox” – the mailbox is slow in OWA, in Outlook 2010 cached mode, and in Outlook 2010 online mode. The mailbox is 4GB with 21GB of deleted items retention. This is due to legal hold on the mailbox. Below are the results of a get-mailboxstatistics for the mailbox


So far we have tried the following:

  1. Created a new MAPI profile | no change
  2. Tried on another machine | no change
  3. Tried accessing the mailbox in OWA | still slow
  4. Reformatted the machine | still slow
  5. Moved the mailbox to another database and server | Still slow – took 10 hours to move the mailbox
  6. Ensured that online defrag was running on both mailbox databases | It is and there are no 7XX events for the user
  7. Searched the event log on the mailbox servers for the users name looking for exciting and interesting errors | Found event ID 10001 with the searchable HEX of 0xfffffae8 “cannot remove mailbox from previous database” the web answer is “dismount and remount database” I don’t like that answer
  8. Enabled verbose logging in Outlook to see if there was anything on the client side | Found some errors that lead us to look at search logging, which may or may not be related – See OUTLOOK LOG REVIEW below
  9. Turned off the Exchange Search service on the Exchange server | user reported less issues, then they reported the same issue. I was so excited there for a minute or three then my dreams were crushed
  10.   Connected to the mailbox with MFCMAPI to poke around – inbox has 19,000 items in it. Should not be too much of an issue. The calendar folder had over 10,000 Items in it – This was the problem.

SOLUITION In MFCMAPI I copied the current calendar folder into the Drafts folder as calendar1, then deleted all of the items in the root calendar folder. The mailbox is now very responsive. As a bonus the users Mobile phone repopulated the calendar with current events. I am going to blame a loop on the BES server with creating so many calendar items.

Outlook Log Review

Found the following error in the Outlook logs

2010/10/11|11:04:09:604|OnIndexStatusChange – Gatherer|4|2123076|Add||mapi://{S-1-5-21-1390108520-675970526-1691616715-10417}/Email removed for privacy($b2f27213)/0/Inbox/가가가가갬곬곑갦갓갪곫걏것걣검골곇걔갮겔걄걥갠가||||||0x80041206|FAIL

Which lead me to look into turning off the indexing options on the client computer. I had the end user working on the issue turn off indexing for Outlook by using the following steps:

  1. Click on Start – search for index
  2. Open indexing options under Control Panel
  3. Click on modify
  4. Uncheck the box next to Outlook
  5. Click ok, then Closeimage
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