Garage door Issues


For about a month I’ve not had a working garage door opener – or so I thought…  You can see the door open behind the boy in the picture.  It’s nothing special just a 2 car garage door. The opener’s worked great for the last 5 years then all of the sudden the door would go down about 5" from closing and stop. Clint and I both spent about 20 minutes each, then another 20 together looking at it to work out what was wrong and we could not figure it out. finally I gave up and ordered a new Opener. Clint installed it last night while Michelle and I were out book shopping. We got home just in time to see Clint finish the install. I  was able to watch Clint close the door for the first time, and wait for it, wait for it, we got to watch it stop at the same spot the old one did.. WTF ??? Two busted openers? I don’t think so, I think we totally missed something
Clint open and closed the door a few more times until I finally saw what the problem was. A small piece of the seal on the bottom of the door had come off and was hanging into the garage a bit. As the door would close the piece of seal would break the magic safety laser thing and trigger the garage door to stop and open again. I tore off the piece of seal and the door now closes.. Moral of the story – I manually operated my garage door for a month and bought and installed a new door opener for nothing. On the Bright side the new door opener has a motion sensor on it that turns the light on automatically when you walk into the garage; lights working by Magic are legendary. The wonderful light add  for 150$ and an hour of work, priceless – mutter..

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