Parking Fail – Fixed I hope


A few weeks ago we swapped Michelle’s car for Darcy’s car as a favour to Darcy. Darcy had her ACL operated on and was not going to be able to drive a stick for a bit. I always Jump at an opportunity to help a friend out, and to drive a stick. Darcy has put 220,000+ miles on her car. It’s her baby, she loves it. I’ve done my best to take Extra special care of the car while it’s in my care, but I can only control so much. I don’t even drive over the speed limit with this car, that is how much care I am taking with it.

I picked a parking spot for at work where I can park with a 20+ inch buffer around the car on both sides, and in the rear. One one side there is no space for cars only a cement pole. Twice now someone has invaded my massive safety buffer and left their car parked on Miss Darcy’s car. The first time all of the damage was cleanable. The second time there was no damage that I can find, but still, don’t hit other cars – The driver of this van drove into my parking spot, into my buffer, hit my car, then stopped there and left their car parked this way. – If you hit someone’s car in a car park the least you could do is run away and not say anything? – This person is so oblivious or obnoxious that they left their car parked there.

imageI took pictures both times. The second time was 2 times too many for so I figured it was time to have some words with this person. It was simple to find them, they had a building parking ticket in their front window. I took a picture of ticket and went to the building manager with the number and pictures of what the car had done. Thankfully the car owner did not work for my company. Else I would have to look at them and make mean faces every time I saw them. They work for someone else in the building. The building manager got a hold of them and had some words on my part, then they conveyed the words to me, and I am much more happier now.  – Today I drove my escape and I parked right on the line with my trailer hitch sticking an inch into the spot this van likes to park in. I wonder what kind of picture will be waiting for me in a few hours when I walk down to my car.

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