BES WebDesktop–Cannot login to WebDesktop

My boss came to me last week and mentioned he could not login into Blackberry webdesktop. I did not even know there was a web desktop; well I might have known, but I forgot all about. Awesome that someone in using it. I hate for a service to go unused.

When he tried to login he kept getting the error “ The username, password, or domain is not correct. Please correct the entry.” – When I logged in with my none BES activated account it worked great for me. I checked the BBAS-AS logs and they did not even report my boss trying to login so they were worthless. Turned up logging to 4 and still nothing.image

After a few hours of web searching and trying some other random things; reboots, failovers, netmon captures, LDAP testing, DNS testing. I finally gave up and called RIM. After 3 hours on the phone dealing with a middle person who talked to me, then went and asked a tech then came back to me I got annoyed and said I would call back later because I did not have an account to test with right now.

I called back today and the first guy I got to knew what the issue was off the top of his head. Apparently it’s a known error with BES 5.0.1 that is fixed in 5.0.2. To fix the BES issue I had to check the Use Kerberos DES encryption types for this account check box in AD.

My entire support call today was less then 4 minutes long it was an perfect support experience.







NOTE | Changing this setting seems to be Break OCS login functionality for the affected user. I guess I am going to need to patch my BES server


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