The Miller Library

The Miller Library currently consists of  about 1800 books on 12 book shelves all over the basement and in the Kids room. The Shelves are stuffed with books of various kinds that Michelle, Trenton, and I have accumulated over the years. We’ve accumulated way more this last year then any year before. Michelle and I have taken up the hobby of book hunting at thrift stores. There is a goodwill outlet in the area with book prices around 0.29$ per book. At that price we pick up books that look pretty thinking we might read them some day in the future.


Our plan is to eventually shrink wrap all of the books, put them in boxes, put them in a container, and store the container at my parents house for a few years while we are traveling. After that we’ll eventually ship the container to Chile where we’ll place the books in the library we’re going to build down there in our compound. I am thinking old world style with rich wood all over the walls and a huge fire place in one end. Some nice leather chairs to sit in, and a second level of shelves and such above the lower book shelves. The second level will be accessible via a metal spiral stair case or via a ladder you can move side to side with wheels.


Michelle loves to organize things, and I love to have things organized; this is a brilliant combination for two of us. Out of our love to organize, read and own books we’ve (when I say we I mean Michelle) put all or books into an online index. You can view our ever growing library at the following link – 


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