Walking at night

IMG_0062[1]Michelle and I have been doing a lot of walking in the past year. The last few months leading up to Maddex being born we were going out and walking 2-3 miles almost every night – This helped Michelle gain no weight her last few months of being preggers. The further we get in the year the earlier it gets dark. Most nights we can get in a walk before it gets dark, but some nights we just can’t find the time before dark settled in.

There are some street lights on our walking path, but not enough to light the entire path, and not enough to keep us from getting hit by cars. To help us be more visible at night. I put on my LED Xmas lights.  It’s great. I look so odd walking that some cars actually slow down and stop to figure out what I am.

Michelle took the picture to left of me all light up in the living room as we are about to walk. I bought the lights to take hiking and stick in our tent at night or around the camp site. I love that they have so many uses.

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