2011 Birthday Vision

I am working on a vision for my birthday for 2011.  In Late June early July I think we’ll have the Kevin Miller Semi -Annual cheap car race and shooting competition – The basic premise| You bring a 500$ car to a per determined location for a weekend of destruction, shooting, competition and fun. The short list right now for events is:

  • Shooting Miller lite cans from a moving car competition – Who can shoot more Miller lite cans from a moving car. The weapon is up to you – it can be a pistol, shot gun, mounted 30 caliber, stack of paintball guns, canon, you bring it you can use it.
  • Push a War –  Two cars nose to nose push against each other until one pushes the other back over a designated line drawn behind each vehicle
  • Around the cone and back – who can drive 1/8th of an mile turn around a cone and come back the fastest
  • The Hill Climb – I will find a steep ass dirt or gravel hill that we have to try to make it up
  • Dirt course – We’ll build a dirt course with mud, jumps, Holes, flying babies, and all kinds of things to make it hard to get to the finish. Who ever makes it the furthest the fastest wins.
  • Convertible conversion race – I will find a jaws of life or gas powered metal cut off saw, and we’ll race to see who can make their car a convertible faster.
  • Don’t Spill – Holding a Miller lite with 1 once of fluid removed, you race down a 100 yards of logs and other things that make bumps. Fastest time, and least beer spilled wins
  • Rolly Polly – Who can roll their car the most!!!
  • Drive by Brail – Not sure about this one, but it will involve driving while blind folded

The prize will be a Trophy of my design and gloating rights until the next race. The present to me and everyone who comes will be the memories of an awesome weekend. The losers to get pick up the Mess!! More to come as the Idea solidifies. I welcome feedback and more ideas. If you are interested in attending let me know, I think I need to get it worked out soon so we can all prepare our cars.

Update || I think we might need a film crew for this …At the least a few helmet cams, and hand held cams – We might need an EMT as well?

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