Better Gifts for Kids

Xmas just finished up, we had a great time with family. We received and gave some great gifts. I pride myself on being able to read people very well and come up with great gifts. I try to focus on giving gifts that will have some sort of positive impact for the people I buy for. I try work out something they will use on a regular basis. For example we got my mother some timers; a duck, a puppy, and a pig. She has 3 stoves in her house, uses all of them and loves her simple timers. We got Michelle’s dad an ODBII code reader. He works on cars and has been going to shucks and borrowing theirs for years – having his own will save him time and make him more productive when he is working.

Another element that goes into my gift giving thought process is “will they remember my gift in a year” – I boils gifts down to life assistance and memories. I personally feel that memories are the best gifts you can give to someone. When I think of a grand gift it normally involves memories. I.E a trip, a camera to capture memories, something that will be so funny or significant it will create a memory, ETC. Wanting to build memories is harder to do for smaller children, some of whom have not even developed long term memory. It is customary to gift little kids gifts for Birthday and Xmas, and it is customary in my mind for the kids to forget most of the gifts and or not appreciate them

I look to myself as an example; The earliest most memorable gift I got as a kid was Omega Supreme the transformer. I wanted that thing big time when I was 8 years old. I cannot remember a single gift before then, and a massive number of them after that gift. If I look at pictures I can sometime remember gifts but not often. To satisfy my love to giving great gifts, and building memories I am taking a new approach to gift giving when it comes to the kids in my life I will give gifts too.

I am going to open up a trust fund for each kid and contribute money to it every year for Xmas and their birthday. Instead of a physical gift they will get a card telling them how much I contributed to the trust fund. When they turn 18, or sooner if the right opportunity comes up, they can use the money in their trust fund for one of three specific things; a business investment, Education, or some epic travel. I will focus all of my adolescent gift giving into one massive gift on the 18th birthday.

We are hard to shop for because Michelle and I tend to not want much, and what we do want we just go out and buy. I am going to open up a similar account for Maddex and next year when people ask what to get him or what to get me I will tell them to write a check for how ever much they were going to spend and write it out to Maddex’s trust fund. When he turns 18 he is going to receive a spectacular gift.

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