Captain we have Almonds!!!


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I got hooked on Blue Diamond Habanero and BBQ almonds a few years ago when I randomly saw them at Costco. The Costco near here had them for about a year then one day they vanished. It was a tragic day. I’ve filed a request to have them come back about once a month since they vanished. The Costco Price for the big bin is 8$. The street price is 20$ for the big bin and 5$ for the tiny can.

Michelle bought me a case of the little cans for Xmas and it was my favorite Xmas gift. I was super excited to have them again. Today, Michelle and I went to Costco and they had my almonds again. The way Costco works, if you buy it once and love it, might never be there again. So I took the opportunity and bought a year’s supply!!! I am so happy I came home and made an almond pyramid in the kitchen then did the dance of Joy like Balki Bartokomous.

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