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Problem | I don’t want my kid to be killed being a stupid driver. I have no will power and I need to be able to not send TXT messages when I drive.

Possible Solution | Create a Mobile phone app that  prevents someone from using their phone while moving in the car. The app would do that the following things in the basic model:

  • If phone is traveling more than 10 miles an hour for 20 seconds ( configurable ) – the screen is locked with an alternative unlock code ( parent code ) — Volume is shut off, and vibrate is shut off
  • The screen will unlock when the phone is traveling less than 5 miles an hour for 20 seconds ( Configurable ) – or when the alternative unlock code is entered. — Upon unlock the sound and vibrate features will be set where they were
  • When the application is uninstalled it will send an email and or text message to the person who installed the application, in my case that would be the parent. My kid could uninstall but I would know about it
  • The phone can be unlocked for X hours with the unlock code. For when your kid is in the back of the car and you want them to be able to Txt
  • If a TXT message is received from the parent with a TXT message unlock code and a time the phone can be unlocked remotely for a period of time

Now I just need a dev to make this software for me.

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