Cheap Storage Insurance

Clearwire’s Exchange admin Matt planted an idea in my head a few months ago I finally worked out how to implement. Special thanks to the Sunbelt Exchange list for help with the command. The idea Matt planted in my head is as follows:

Create a 5GB empty file on every Exchange database volume we can delete incase the database grows too large,  fills up the volume, and dismounts. We can then quickly delete the file and remount the databases while we work out the size issue. We don’t have to ask the SAN team for more size. We are back up and running super fast

I did not want to create a real 5GB file because doing anything with a file that large takes too much time. I wanted to create an empty with an artificially set file size. I asked the Exchange list for help with the command. Who made fun of me for having a well written post; something about me not spelling things write and missing words. The answer they gave me was a simple one line command using a built in windows command. Run the following command to create your own 5GB files on your DB volumes

fsutil.exe file createnew c:\bob.txt 536870912

And that boys and girls is a quick way to build a quick cheap insurance policy in case your databases get too big.

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