Crazy February Mini Update

It’s been a crazy February for the Millers. I started a new job traveling, we went to Richland a few times, Stayed in the PO a lot for Trenton, went to Maui for a week with the Mainers, took a week off at home to relax and spend a few nights in our own bed, Maddex got to swim in the ocean and in a pool, Michelle started her own business, Maddex has started to smile and interact with us some more, and we had a flood in the house. – Hardly ever a dull moment around our house.

And now a few pictures from Maui – Mainers and Millers. Maddex with a smile, Maddex puking into a barf bag on the plane, Maddex and I sad about not being able to jump off a bridge, Millers on top of a mountain, Maddex in a pool, Kev with 2 babies, and a few more.





To see the rest of the pictures check out the picture website.

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