Determine SCR source

Ran into an issue this morning working with an alert where an Exchange 2007 SCR target hit the drive space threshold on the log volumes. The SCR target is a lag copy. First idea was to change the lag to fix the issue. In order to run the commands to set, and or modify the lag time we needed to determine where the target was replicating from. This server is one of hundreds ā€“ and we had no clue where the replicas came from. Reading help online all of the SCR related topics seem to assume you know where an SCR target is replicating from.

In the end we gave up finding a command and wrote a quick one-liner to search for what we wanted. Below is what we ran

Get-storagegroup | ?{$_.standbymachines -like <servername*>}

The one-liner listed out the cluster names, and database names. From there we could run the lag reset script and see the lag times, and work out the issue. In the end we had a replication issue. Cycling the replication service on all of the nodes in the Cluster and on the SCR target fixed the issue and logs started to truncate properly.

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