Too Many Emails

My email is hosted at / Live@EDU / Microsoft Office 365 – whatever you want to call it; Microsoft hosts email for me. They’ve been doing this for me for years as a benefit to once having and once again having a Blue badge [1] . I was emailing along yesterday minding my own business, when out of nowhere I received the below error message in an NDR

This message could not be sent. Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator. Error is [0x80004005-00000000-00000000].

The error message did not do much for me at all – other than say I was missing rights somehow. 4005 at the end of a HEX code says rights / general error to me; more often than not it is rights. I did some looking, and testing with other accounts and none of them had the issue. Only my personal account was busted. The error lead to sulking, and had me silently thinking “DAM you Les for cursing me again“. Shortly after I received the error I was out in the hallway for something and tried to send a message from my windows phone 7 phone and it too errored out with a different error.

We weren’t able to send this message so we’ve put it in your Drafts Folder. Before you try sending it again, you can check to see if the address is correct and that no attachments are too large.

Hoping for a more verbose, read helpful, error I went to and logged into OWA and tried to send a message. Outside of yelling at me about my spelling OWA had an error that made more sense and helped me work out what happened. OWA told me I’d exceeded the allowed message threshold for a 24 hour period. I checked my sent items and I had only sent 48 messages. The threshold is 500 messages. – see the following link for more information on thresholds The Math did not add up to me, 48 does not equal 500.

I ended up opening a support case to have someone look into my issue. After emailing back and forth with a few support agents the light bulb went off in my head and I worked out how I had actually sent 500 messages. I setup a D-Link web camera at home to watch outside. Someone stole most of Michelle’s tomatoes, and we wanted to know who. The camera did not make it from my desk to the front window last night before bed time. The camera was sending me a message every time motion happened in our living room. I have 452 emails of my Michelle, Marty and Maddex moving around the living room. All of these messages were sent from my account via the webcam – add the 48 messages I had sent already, to the 452 the camera had sent and you get 500 messages. Mystery Solved – Down side, I have to wait until 15:30 before I’m able to send messages again. A morning without being able to send emails is going to be hard. I might start to shake and twitch.

[1] The colour of your Microsoft badge is indicative of your employment status. Blue is FTE (Full Time Employee) Orange Badge is Vender, Yellow Badge is a kid – ETC [2]
[2] I worked for Microsoft in 2005, and 2006 on the Exchange team, and I am back here again on the Office 365 team

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