Sailing Adventure Part I

While out on walkabout around the San Juan Del Sur we came across a sign for sailing trips on a catamaran. We like sailing, so we took a picture of the sign and tried to track down the captain to book a trip.


The sign had a website with an email address. We emailed the address on the site and address NDRed as a bad address. The site had a local number but we have no local phone, no help there. The site had a US phone number, again we have no working phones, but Maddex has a Google voice number so we texted the number and asked for an email response. While out walking later to get Michelle some ice cream we passed by the sign again and noticed a gmail address on the sign. When we got back to the hostel we emailed the correct address and received two replies back. One from the text and one from the email.

One of the messages said Brandon was in a bar downtown and we could come meet him. We love adventure, so off we went to meet him. By the time we made it to the bar Brandon was gone. In our best bad Spanish we asked for him. When we said Boat Captain the Bar staff figured we meant Ralph another local sail boat captain. Who also happens to own the Hotel we walked by ealier in the day admiring. We went to the Hotel to find Ralph and his door man told, Oscar, tol us he was down the street with his Wife at dinner. We tracked them down and had a drink with them. Ralph’s boat is out of commission for a few days getting new drive shaft, but he and his wife were great company. Ralph owned a few Restaurants in the Seattle area in the 50’s. He and his Wife have been here for the last 8 years living on the beach playing sailboat captain.

When we made it back to the hostel we had an email response from Brandon saying we’d have to rent the entire boat for 300$ if we wanted to go out tomorrow. That is a bit more then we wanted to pay so we turned him down and asked him to let us know if the situation changed. As I was typing this blog post up Brandon found a few more people. Now we’re going sailing tomorrow; Brilliant.

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