San Juan Del Sur Day 1

We made it to Beach Fun Resort / Hostel in San Juan Del Sur today. We only made one wrong turn. Given the massive lack of street signs I think we did awesome. We’ve got a nice room here with 2 bed, a set of bunk beds and our own bathroom; 37$ a night with the two of us in the room. Not too bad at all. We’re thinking we’ll spend a few days here. Maddex and Michelle are taking a nap while I am writing again. I’ve been really bad with the camera so far on this trip. We’re trying to make up for the today. Our Last room had no windows, and Grenada made us feel like walking dollar signs. San Juan Del Sur we don’t feel as much like Dollar signs. Instead we’re the crazy gringos with the cute kid in the backpack. Maddex is a pretty amazing Ice breaker.



IMG_3829Once we found our hostel, it was on the second street we walked down, we took a stroll along the water front and had some lunch at a nice place with a banana leaf room on the beach. Michelle and some steamed clams, I had some steak and onions, we shared some fried plantains and cheese, and Maddex ate a bit of everything. After nap time we’re going to walk around the town a bit more, see if we can drive up to the Christ on the hill, and then try to sign up to go sailing tomorrow.

The big joke for us today is all of the people on the side of the road who need to cross it. Seriously we’re in the middle of nowhere, half a kilometer from anything resembling a building and there’s someone waiting to cross the road, or sitting on the side of the road just hanging out. The fields are fences on both sides, no clue where these people come from, or why the need to cross the road, but there they are. Might not be as entertaining not seeing it first hand, but it’s very entertaining. I guarantee it.


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