We just finished a brilliant dinner in the dining hall of the Hotel Vistamar in pochomil . Michelle booked us one night here and we’re thinking we’ll stay for two after spending a few hours. The Beach is clean, empty, and it looks like we can walk for miles and miles in either direction. Tomorrow we are planning on walking until we can’t walk anymore in one direction or the other. For dinner Michelle had some beef in butter cilantro sauce and I had some chicken in white wine and caper sauce. Maddex had a bit of both of our meals and drank about as much water as I did. Maddex is on a mission to stay hydrated

Getting here was a challenge, as it always is, getting anywhere in this country. We knew we needed to turn west off of the main road from San Juan Del Sur to Managua, we knew it had to be after one town and before another, but precisely where we needed to turn we had no clue. We passed by the turn because it had no signage. After we realized we’d passed the turn we turned back. We guessed where the turn was, it was the only turn to the west off the road between the two towns so it had to be it. The courtry might not have many street signs, but it makes up for it by not having very many roads. When you find one going the direction you want to go, chances are you’ve found the right road.

We drove 30k until we came to a sign for a town on the map and we felt we were going in the right direction. Shortly after the sign the road came to a T here we had to right or left. We guessed Right, and started regretting that choice right away. The road got worse and worse and then flooded, then got a bit worse, then it was blocked by men fixing the road, then it was blocked by an oil turn parked blocking both lanes, then Michelle wanted to turn around and I said no. Finally we came to a tourist zone gate with the right name on it.

After the tourist zone gate we drove down a super sketching mud road and ended up on the beach. We drove a half mile down the beach until we found the resort, and the resort is awesome. Vistamar has Three pools, All meals are included, our room opens to the ocean, we have a nice bed, and They have a crib for Maddex. The place is brilliant. Now if the thunder and lightning would just stop. We went in the pool for a bit with Maddex and had to get out because the lightning was too close. We got out and the rain was coming down so hard we did not want to walk back to our room and get drenched again so we hide under a banana leaf hut for a bit and waited for the rain to calm down. a few shots of the beach and pool



Back to the road, At one time in the roads life time it was paved with asphalt. That was many rainy and repair seasons ago. Now the road feels like an old gravel road where you have to avoid all of the pot holes and drive a crazy obstacle course. Only this course has bonuses, cars coming at you or passing you, buses coming at you, Bike rickshaw things, three wheeled taxi things, all coming at you, then you toss in mobs of people crossing the road, walking on the side of the road, and riding bikes on the road. Some times when I drive in the states I get to look sideways and gaze at Michelle for a bit and tell her I think she’s neat. Not on this road, it was all I could do to avoid falling in a car killer pot hole, hitting a person, or being hit by another car. Near the end, when we were getting close to giving up it rained, and the roads became brown rivers. Avoiding pot holes is interesting when you can see them; it’s next to impossible when you have to avoid them when they are covered in water.


On the way from Pochomil to Leon the roads kicked it up a notch. I will work on that post next.. I actually broke a wheel on the car.

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