10 days in

We’re 10 days into this trip and starting to fall into a bit a routine, so it’s time to mix things up I think. Thus far we’ve been exploring cities and the routine has been travel to a new city, check into Hostel Nap for a bit with Maddex and or walk around the city and take in the sites, the sounds, and work out where we are. Then we find something to eat before we head back to the Hostel and put Maddex to bed. Then Michelle and I hang out at the Hostel and Write, chat, read, or play some cribbage. Having Maddex kind of forces us into a bit a routine, but there is still room for more Adventures. Tomorrow we are headed to to Lake Apana Then to a Selva Negra Ecolodge to stay the night and tour a coffee plantation.

We’re getting close to the Bus section of our Trip where we are going to head back to Managua, return the car, hop on a bus and work our way through Honduras to Guatemala. We are planning on spending some Time on a lake and seeing some Ruins along the way, and eventually ending up in Belize for the last week or so of our Vacation.

We’ve seen a few Strange to us Gringo things along the way worthy of pictures. Like the Shocker water heater thing in a shower tonight. – You touch it and it will shock you, it is supposed to make hot water


The Bad Arse ceiling fan, again in the room tonight


How about this Kick arse suspension bridge over the river we tried to hike down. It seems to have a kev rig in the middle.


We had a herd of cows try to take over the road and keep us from passing


A crazy power meter thing in the sky


Odd holes carved in the beach


A poor massive dock that needs some work


And the never ending supply of car slayer pot holes in the roads on roads marked as MAIN roads on the map


Fun trip!!!!

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