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I’ve pretty much been an arse with keeping this up to date. My last post was a Third of the way into our Central America trip; Best use of having a baby ever – Taking a month off in a foreign land is something everyone should do as often as they can. We wrote about 50 pages about the trip while down there, but only posted a few. Someday we should fix that. Since then below is a quick list of what’s gone down:

  • We spent 20 more days in Central America – in total we hit; Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize. – Antigua Guatemala, and Selva Negro (Coffee Plantation) in Nicaragua would be my favorite parts of the trip.
  • A few days before we went on our trip we knocked up Michelle. We found out with a test in Nicaragua for the low price of 1$ us. Next week we’ll work out what we’re having. Baby is Due in July the same day as 4 other friends. Timing is fun.
  • Christmas was a bit off feeling this year because we skipped thanksgiving in another country. We still managed to have a great time with Family.
  • Maddex has taken to walking, Eating like a monster, and following directions – you know the usual mile stones. He is on a good schedule giving Michelle some time back in her life. Which we’ll destroy soon enough with a new kid.
  • I finally went to the dentist. Had to get a root canal to replace the one filling in my mouth that was not done properly. The work maxed out my coverage for the year, so I’ll wait until next year for the crown; I hope. I had to pre drug myself, and have them gas me to make it tolerable. I am so paranoid of dentists
  • Got a few new guns, and spent a weekend at the lake shooting with some friends. Invited like 14 people and 14 people shows up. That NEVER happens. We were almost short on space but we made it work.
  • Michelle and I took a road trip to California for 10 days last month. We visited Adam and Shelly, and John and Jim, the Hearst Castle, went to Vegas and saw William and Bertina, and made a few stops in the middle. It was a great trip. 3,000 miles in total and we got to feel warmth and sunshine.
  • Did the whole upgrade to Windows 8 thing. Personally I love the new look and feel of the Os, but I will admit it is very different, and it would be a lot better with a touch screen. Speaking of touch screen I am going to upgrade the Dell Duo tonight so I can use it with a touch screen
  • Installed Lync for a few customers as side jobs.
  • Went to the MVP conference for a few hours one night and said hit to a few old Friends.
  • Maddex might be starting a Modeling career. If he does I must teach him to say ” Face is my job” to keep people from touching his face


I am sure there is more, but these are the major updates that I can remember on a slow Saturday morning before the start of a 3 day weekend. Yes I still get a 3 day weekend every week!

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